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Behind The Attic

In this series we’ll take a look into some of the story behind the Attic escape game, and see if you can spot any Easter Eggs in the article…


New evidence found by police has led them to issue a statement calling for extreme caution to be taken by all residents of Newcastle upon Tyne. It has long since been suspected that there was a link between the 13 suspicious disappearances and abductions since 2015 from the city centre area. A letter containing details of the crimes has led police to confirm the fate of the 13 missing persons, and that their killer is still at large. An excerpt from this letter can be seen later on in the article, content may be seen as distressing and not for the faint of heart. 

The discovery of this evidence came after the most recent of these disappearances. Alan Bic (33), a real estate agent based in NE1 left work on the evening of 13/07/2019 never to be seen again. Mr Bic’s vehicle was found abandoned in the multi story he used everyday without issue. Scattered around the car were a few of his personal items and a clear indication that a struggle had taken place. Recovered amongst these items was a letter. Police have advised that there has been an escalation in violence over the last few attacks leading criminal psychologists to theorise that the culprit is taking more risks and becoming increasingly frustrated. Language used suggests the killer may have a background in literature and shows clear delusions of grandeur. Evidence suggests that these crimes are premeditated and are advising all residents to exercise extreme caution and keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. 

The threat appears to be the worst in the city centre as all victims have been abducted from NE1 postcodes. Using a geographical approach it is believed that the killer has his base of operations hidden somewhere within the city. Below is the closing paragraph of the killers letter, not included is details of killings that we believe are unfit for publication. Police believe there is a message hidden within.

“Since 67’  I have stood awestruck observing the sheer contempt the residents have for the dangers that maybe around any corner. 

I have studied and written about societies all over the world, opening the gate to my hatred  and have found myself down a road becoming increasingly intolerant of the human race. 

I never belonged in this world, wolves cannot hide amongst sheep. It is for this reason I have accepted my true purpose. It will all become clear by the end, I will show no hesitation or restraint in my actions. 

Only one thing is clear, every single piece of filth I have made exit from Newcastle had been unaware of the fate that awaited them. Even as you are reading this now my message will be lost on you. 

If I am not stopped the fate of this city is sealed, only through your own ability will you prove my equal and be able to avoid what awaits. I challenge anyone to stand face to face with me. We will meet soon, one way or another…


Police are urging anyone with any information to come forth and contact them on 0191 261 6330. The residents of Newcastle upon Tyne depend on it.

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