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Christmas is coming! Physical Gift vouchers are available to buy today. Unlock the magic of Christmas. Gift the thrill of Exit.   

Gift Vouchers

Give the thrill of an Escape Room as a Gift!

Our gift vouchers are the perfect gift if you’re looking to buy something different for a friend, puzzler or fellow adventurer.

Maybe you’re just looking for a new experience, something that’s unusual?

We have a variety of fun and exciting escape rooms to suit all interests and abilities, whether it be becoming a hero in Save the City, or escaping a murderer in the Attic. This makes a voucher for our escape games an ideal gift, no matter the person!
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£25 Voucher

The £25 voucher is perfect if you'd like to contribute towards an escape room. It won''t cover the cost of a whole game, but will be enough for one person in a two player game or a few more in a larger game!

£50 Voucher

A £50 voucher covers any 2 person game Sunday to Friday! This is a great present for a couple to come down and experience the thrill of an escape room together. It will also contribute towards a larger game if they'd like to bring a few friends down.

£75 Voucher

A £75 voucher is the best voucher if you want to over the cost of a larger group. It will cover the cost of one game for up to 3 or 4 people depending on the day. Any value left on any of our vouchers can be used on future bookings.

£115 Voucher

Go wild! A £115 voucher covers the cost of a game for any number of people any day of the week. You could even use it to buy two separate 2 player games. Don't worry, if the full voucher isn't used on just one booking the remaining value is available for all future bookings.
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Posted Vouchers

Gift Voucher P&P is £3 and we aim to post them out the next day using Royal Mail first class. 
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