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5 Skills Escape Rooms Improve

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to exercise your brain, or your looking to help improve your team at work – we can help! Here are the top skills that escape rooms improve:

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Lateral Thinking

An escape game can be a great way of helping you think outside the box! Whilst some puzzles will present simple solutions, other challenges may test and it’s important to be able to think differently and come up with a creative solution.

You can easily become fixated by one method of solving a puzzle but escape games can be fickle, even if you’ve had a great idea on how to solve a challenge it might not be the one we had in mind, so you’ll need to be able to change your thinking and come up with a new way of solving the challenge.

Competitive Drive

With the pressure on, escape rooms really bring out peoples competitive spirit. No matter how well a group does we always here “if only we’d done this and we’d have been faster”. No matter if your time was 39 or 59 minutes, escape rooms can really bring out everyone’s competitive side!

Also by having our leaderboard in the front room, there’s always pressure on where you’ll come on the board and which teams you’ll beat.

Working Under Pressure

60 minutes may seem like long time, but soon you’ll start to feel the pressure of the time ticking down and the suspenseful music. We find the teams that keep their cool are the one’s that survive. It’s easy to become panicked, but stay calm think it through and you might (just) make it out!

There’s not many day-to-day scenarios that allow you to test your nerves by defusing a bomb with the whole of Newcastle as stake, but our escape games give you all the pressure with none of the danger!


The key to getting (and having) a good time in an escape game is communication. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who solve a puzzle and don’t tell their team, leading to precious time wasted when someone comes back to solve the puzzle 10 minutes later.

Communication is also important to help keep track of time in the game, and make sure you’re on track with the mission. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve if you go off on your own, but by working together and talking all the time you can stay on message – helping you build your communication skills whether it be with your friends or work colleagues.

Team Work

It almost goes without saying, but escape games are a team activity. Whether your a family or a business, the rooms really show the importance of working together as a unit. 

The puzzles and challenges in the games tend to vary, whether it’s a physical challenge, solving a riddle or coming up with that crazy idea that might just work. This means that it’s important to use all the skills available to you in your team and give everyone a chance! You might be surprised at what some of your team can do, and this can be extended into the real world too!

Want to put your skills to the test in our rooms? Check out our games here…

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