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The Story Behind Save the City

In this post we’ll take a look at the deeper story behind our Save the City escape game. Find out who Ignatius Gouge is and what his motivations are…

Save the City Escape Game

For decades now, one of the greatest minds in architecture, Ignatius Gouge has thanklessly served Newcastle upon Tyne. Every day residents and tourists alike marvel at his greatest accomplishments, taking in their beauty and pondering the complexity of these designs.

Unknowingly, the popularity of his designs and the solitude he enjoys has proved to be a deadly combination. Losing his mind, Ignatius has fought to remove a dangerous thought possessing his mind. These people know the buildings, but not the man. This has proved to be increasingly unsettling for Ignatius meaning Newcastle is now facing a disturbing prospect: complete annihilation.

Finding comfort in solitude, Ignatius retreats into his Westgate Road office in the heart of the city. The academic community, long since aware of his delusions of grandeur have turned their backs on him, discrediting his achievements. Here he spends his days maniacally trying to achieve the celebrity status he believes he deserves, only venturing out to visit his creations on rare occasions. At the base of the Sage, he rushes from person to person demanding any form of recognition for his creations, unfortunately, the only attention he attracts is from law enforcement. Returning to his office with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order and aware of the laughter from former peers his thoughts turn to revenge. The people of Newcastle will remember his name!

The protagonist of the tale, a colleague and friend, John Sykes has begun to notice this dangerous change. After witnessing Ignatius leaving a construction site with a number of volatile chemicals he begins to suspect the worst. Sykes has unsuccessfully conducted surveillance and interference on his friend’s plans, noting Ignatius is cunning and tricky like a fox. He has noticed him fortifying his office with a series of puzzles and challenges, a challenge for any would-be heroes attempting to defuse the bomb within the hour timer. With Ignatius aware of John’s attempts time is of the essence. Newcastle needs heroes now more than ever. After being debriefed by John, these heroes must take on the challenges left by Ignatius in the hopes that they can preserve this beautiful city.

One thing is for certain, whatever the outcome for our heroes, we will remember the name, Ignatius Gouge…..

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