Team Building at EXIT

How it works

  1. Book your games online or give us a call
  2. Arrive at our city centre location, where our Game Masters will welcome you and your team
  3. You’ll get briefed, and taken to your games
  4. Solve the clues, and tackle the challenges, together as a team
  5. Hopefully, you’ll make it out before the time’s up!
  6. Receive a debrief, and have any unanswered questions solved
  7. Get your team photo!

The benefits of the EXIT experience?

  • Our games are designed to encourage teams to come together, in a unique way.
  • Teams will get to know one another better as they work together to complete the game.
  • Our games allow people to think creatively, whilst facing the challenges involved at EXIT.
  • This experience brings staff closer together, and if you get out, it generates a sense of achievement amongst the group!
  • You’ll get to compare your results against other departments, teams, and some local businesses.


Either give us a call on 0191 261 6330, or visit our website and book online. We can’t take bookings over e-mail, but we can answer any questions!

2 – 20 people can play simultaneously over our 3 escape games.

Whilst the maximum number of players at once is 20, larger groups of 20+ can play over multiple time slots.